4×4 Motorhomes

A trend that is growing in the motorhome industry is the interest in 4×4 motorhomes. With our new acquisition of a 4×4 Knaus, we thought we would discuss this trend and the available 4×4 options.

With the growing interest in touring in motorhomes, it is no surprise that people want to go further off the beaten track. Finding hidden spots that you have never been to before is one of the joys of motorhoming. However, many motorhomes are limited in their ability to get offroad and most people would not want to risk damaging their vehicle. But 4×4 motorhomes are able to tackle more demanding roads. Ultimately providing more freedom of where to travel.

There are a number of 4×4 options available on the market. However, we expect this to increase as four-wheel-drive systems become more popular.

What are the available 4×4 motorhomes?

Let’s start with the 2019 Knaus Van TI Plus 650 MEG. We have this in stock, so for more information on this vehicle Click Here. This unique motorhome is built on a MAN chassis and comes in at 6.99 metres long. It is a 2 berth and has a large garage underneath the twin rear fixed bed. This motorhome is perfect for those who want to maximise their utility. The large garage is perfect for those who need lots of storage while touring.


Next up, the Concorde Cruiser 791 RL SUV. This motorhome combines the luxury of Concorde motorhomes with the utility and functionality of a 4×4 drive system. Coming in at 8 metres long, with 31 inches of ground clearance, the Cruiser 791 is a sight to behold. The robust and adventure-ready exterior of this vehicle is contrasted by the luxury found inside. When inside it might be easy to forget the capabilities of the vehicle you are in. It also features a large garage, perfect for storing all the kit for an outdoor adventure. To read more about this vehicle, click the image below.


Another development in 4×4 motorhomes is the Mercedes Sprinter. This chassis is now available with a 4×4 option and is being used by Hymer for a number of motorhomes. This features a new stability system that has several functions that improve the van’s capabilities. This includes a skid-control system that can be adjusted if more slip is needed and a load-recognition system that can detect the van’s center of gravity and adapt the stability control accordingly. Sounds perfect for some adventures in the snow!


Finally, we would like to mention Dangel. Dangel has developed a four-wheel-drive system that is used in the Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition. Check out the Expedition in action on some rough terrains.



What do you think of 4×4 motorhomes? Are 4×4 capabilities necessary? Or can you explore demanding roads in your current motorhome? We would love to hear from you so follow us on Facebook and let us know your thoughts – https://www.facebook.com/southdownsmotorhomecentre/