Elegance: the new flagship in the Burstner motorhome fleet

The exterior alone reveals how the new premium motorhome from Burstner got its name. The Elegance inspires with Mercedes front-wheel drive coupled with the tried and tested Bürstner double floor. A particularly practical feature on the Elegance is the intelligent, integrated double floor concept from Burstner that creates two-way loading and enables completely accessible loading and unloading of gas bottles.

The interior is also full of innovations. It starts in the driver’s cab, which features a newly designed harness lifting bed. It is electrically operated and lowers inside the driver’s cab towards the windshield, thereby creating more space in the seating area. This innovative new sleeping solution is an example of what makes the manufacturer renowned in the industry for its lifting bed technology.

The living and sleeping area is characterized by modern interior design in the dominating colours white, beige and black. Optimum space usage and extensive outfitting are a matter of fact at Bürstner. However, a special extra accessory does deserve extra mention: the magnet tumblers. High-grade crystal tumblers, as well as plastic cups, can be fixated to virtually any surface with a magnet strip or a flexible coaster made from a metallic nano-gel pad. With this smart storage system, the clattering and falling of glassware is a thing of the past. Plus it is a fantastic eye-catcher.

In addition to being user-friendly, the Elegance also features an important innovation in the area of sustainability. The resource-saving iNDUSTM-toilet system from Thetford that filters greywater, treats it with sanitary additives and then uses it for toilet flushing. Self-sufficiency is even possible for up to one week for two people. In addition, information about it can be called up on a cell phone in real-time.

In addition to the iNDUSTM-toilet system, there is also an odour converter in the toilet area developed by Bürstner. Water-based gel made from essential oils spreads slowly and evenly through the air for long-lasting binding of unpleasant odours, while emitting a subtle scent.

The new model series is available with two-floor plans (910 G, 920 G), that both feature the advantages listed above. In addition to the harness lifting bed, the 910 G also has two single beds, while the 920 G has a queen-sized bed.

The new flagship in the motorhome fleet brings all of the manufacturer’s expertise together in one vehicle. The Elegance features Bürstner’s latest achievement: the perfect combination of elegance, innovation and performance. This motorhome will give its owners a completely new feeling of freedom and comfort on their travels.

All technical information about the Elegance model series can be found in the technical data for the 2021 model year.

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