Erwin Hymer Group Bloggers

The Erwin Hymer Group is synonymous with the motorhome industry, so it seems fitting that they have reached out to the motorhome community to select several very lucky individuals to write blogs about their adventures. In return they get given a motorhome and must travel around Europe documenting their experiences in that motorhome; I could think of worse things to do!

The Erwin Hymer Group has a number of motorhome manufacturers under its belt, these are; Hymer, Burstner, Carado, Laika and the British-made Compass brand to name a few. The company is looking to showcase to the public the type of lifestyle it is like to own, live and travel in one of their motorhomes so what better way than to ask their community to do this.

We would like to introduce you to those bloggers below and you can see some of the amazing adventures they get up to.

The Office is Closed

Meet Julian and Marcella, they are saying goodbye to work life (thus the name) and saying hello to motorhoming. They are travelling in a Laika Kreos model visiting France, Italy, Spain and Portugal capturing the different cultures, food and experiences. As they say, “Life’s too short to spend most of it at work so we’re taking our chances, swapping the desk for the wheel”. Visit their blog here >>


Rewind The Gap

Karen and Colin Trace have been together 14 years and live in the Midlands. They are both very career driven with Karen working in the property industry and Colin in the construction industry. They recently made the choice to go travelling around Europe in a Burstner Harmony TD 744. Travelling alongside are their two beautiful dogs Lily the springer spaniel and Oakley the german shepherd. You can follow their adventures here >>


Truckin’ ‘N’ Lookin’

Meet Vanda and Andy, a beautiful love story that brought them back together after decades apart to fulfil their wishes of adventure to travel around Europe; definitely one to read! They are travelling Europe from Scandinavia to the Greek islands in a lovely Hymer ExsisT 588. You’ll see from their posts the incredible views and they visit some great hidden gems along the way. You can read their posts here >>



Gr8FooL is run by Francesca who is a Freedom Coach and manages two rental properties in London. She spent much of her life in the legal and corporate secretarial sector and decided to take a leap of faith and swapped her career for exploration and freedom. In 2018 she embarked on a solo adventure in a campervan touring Europe for one year. Francesca is travelling in a Compass Avantgarde CV20 that she calls “PeterVan”. You can follow her inspiring posts here >>


Hymercar Adventures

This blog sees Kieran Creevy and Lisa Paarvio travel from Bad Waldsee (where the Hymer factory is), Bavaria, Germany through the snowy Swiss Alps of Switzerland then to the warmer wilderness of the Spanish canyonlands. Kieran is a freelance expedition guide and chef and Lisa is a freelance professional photographer, so expect some mouth-watering images and recipes of locally sourced meals. You can check out their blog website here >>