Exclusive interview with Florian Hofer, Head of Carthago Product Management

Florian Hofer, Head of Product Management gives an exclusive interview.
For the 2021 model year we introduced the king of all coachbuilt motorhomes: the c-tourer T based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Now both our A-class and coachbuilt versions of this model range can be purchased with a Mercedes-Benz star. We interviewed our Head of Product Management, Mr. Florian Hofer, and asked him why Carthago now offers the c-tourer on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis as well as the chic c-line and chic e-line model series. We also wanted to know what differentiates a Carthago motorhome from other motorhomes on the market, and what the special features are. To read his answers to these and more questions visit:

Exclusive interview with Florian Hofer, Head of Product Management

In model year 2021 we introduced the king of the coachbuilt models to you: the c-tourer T on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. However, the A-class version of the model range can also be optionally purchased with a star. We interviewed Mr. Florian Hofer, Head of Product Management, and asked him why Carthago now also optionally offers the c-tourer on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis as well as the chic c-line and chic e-line model series. We also wanted to know what differentiates a Carthago motorhome from other motorhomes on the market, and what the special features are.


Question: Florian Hofer, why has Carthago now also decided to use the Mercedes-Benz chassis for the next model series, the c-tourer coachbuilt and A-class, following the introduction of the chic c-line and chic e-line on Mercedes-Benz in model year 2020?

That’s relatively easy to explain. The top priority was the (re)introduction of the premium symbiosis of Carthago and Mercedes-Benz in our liner class. This successful combination had already been used in the past. However, in the second step of the strategy it was then just as important to us to combine Carthago models in the 3.5 t premium class with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. And the same applies to the A-class and coachbuilt models. The 3.5 t premium class is already occupied by the c-compactline and c-tourer Carthago Super Lightweight and Lightweight model ranges – we have extended our product portfolio for our customers with the additional version on the Mercedes-Benz chassis, and are also reinforcing our core expertise in flexible chassis selection.

Question: To whom would you recommend a c-tourer on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and to whom would you recommend a c-tourer on the Fiat Ducato?

Customers who are looking for a modern multimedia system, numerous assistance systems and comfortable engine and driving characteristics should opt for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter version. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend the Fiat Ducato to motorhome enthusiasts who are looking for a top class price/performance ratio and a mature and reliable basic vehicle which still corresponds with the current spirit of the age. The great thing is that at the end of the day, customers can choose on the basis of their personal preferences.

Question: Which c-tourer layouts are available on the Mercedes-Benz chassis in the new model year, and why?

The c-tourer model range has always impressed with layouts in the 3.5 t lightweight class, and also with comfort models outside the 3.5 t weight class. This healthy mixture is exactly what we wanted to offer our customers with the variants on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. At the same time, our declared goal was to create a diverse range with regard to individual requirements and characteristic model features such as lengthways single beds, compact combined washrooms, comfortable luxury washrooms, corner kitchens and galley kitchens.

For this reason, there are the 143 LE, 148 LE, 149 LE and 150 QB models in the A-class vehicles

c-tourer I 143 LE c-tourer I 148 LE c-tourer I 149 LE c-tourer I 150 QB


and the 143 LE, 148 LE H, 149 LE and 150 QB models in the coachbuilt vehicles.

c-tourer T 143 LE c-tourer T 148 LE H c-tourer T 149 LE c-tourer T 150 QB



Question: What highlights can our customers expect to in the new c-tourer? What can they look forward to in particular?

The entire c-tourer model range has been updated for model year 2021 – both inside and out. The exterior facelift impresses with new stylistic elements, elegant exterior graphics and a sporty rear design which harmoniously blends in with the typical Carthago roof rounding. The optionally available Carthago full LED front headlights are another highlight (model dependent)




In the interior, our customers can look forward to completely new furniture architecture – with my personal highlight, the eye-catching kitchen worktop. This upgrades the kitchen and living area with an additional storage area and visual room partitioning. Furthermore, the L-shaped lounge seating group has a completely new design for more freedom of movement in the living area in the 2021 models, and contains a practical, pull-out shoe cabinet.

Video c-tourer T


Question: What makes a Carthago motorhome different from the other motorhomes on the market? What are the special features of a Carthago motorhome?

The reason why the Carthago motorhomes are different is 100% down to the unmistakeable Carthago Premium DNA and the appreciable and noticeable passion for detail. My personal favourites in the Carthago Premium DNA are the unique Carthago driver’s cabin visibility concept, the huge double floor which can be loaded from the inside and the outside, and last but not least, the liner premium class bodywork.

For example, the driver’s cabin visibility concept guarantees that you have a view of the road after just 2.77 m in the A-class motorhomes on Fiat Ducato thanks to the steeply forward-sloping dashboard front and the extra-low windscreen. Only Carthago can do that! The double floor provides a huge amount of space, even for bulky luggage, which can be loaded and unloaded via numerous floor hatches and the large rear garage hatches. The double floor also acts as climate storage and protects the luggage from frost. We rely on long-term quality and technology from aircraft construction to build the main body. For example, we use a frame member to connect the floor to the side walls for additional stability and driving safety. The main body is both light and torsionally rigid. The use of aluminium on the inside and outside of the walls also characterises a Carthago and creates efficient heat storage. All of the advantages and other features of our DNA can be found on our website.

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