Karen Ashton - Southdowns Motorhome Centre

Meet our new Service Receptionist

We have a new staff member that has joined our Service Centre team, although not necessarily a new employee as she used to be our receptionist at the Sales Centre, we would like to introduce to you, Karen Ashton. We interviewed her so you can get to know her.

How did you find yourself working for Southdowns Motorhome Centre?
After moving to Portsmouth from Hertfordshire I decided to look for some work locally. I browsed the internet and this came up and sounded perfect. I also thought the name of the company was familiar and realised my Cousin Andrew Martin (who is a Sales Advisor) worked here. I sent in my CV applying for a weekend receptionist at the Sales Centre which I got! I have been with the Southdowns Motorhome Centre for a while now and just recently saw a position become available over at the Service Centre, which I applied for and I was successful in getting.

What is your job title now?
Service Receptionist

What does your job as a Service Receptionist, involve?
I take all the incoming calls from customers wanting to book in for their service and repairs. I update the customer if parts have been placed on order and again when the parts are in stock, so the customer can book an appointment for their motorhome to get a service or repair. I support the team in any way I can to help with the smooth running of the department.

What is the best thing about working for Southdowns Motorhome Centre?
I love the fact that no 2 days are the same. I love meeting the customer after speaking on the phone and always try to have a chat with them. The people I work with from the service department, sales department and the management team make each day enjoyable.

Do you have a personal interest in motorhomes?
Myself and my husband used to own a caravan and enjoyed many holidays with our Labrador. Having the freedom for long walks but still having the enjoyment of towns close by suited us, we’ve not yet experienced the motorhome side yet but we are looking to use the company’s demonstrator motorhome the Carthago Liner-For-Two sometime soon, which I’m really excited about.

If you could take a motorhome anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would love to go to Italy. My grandfather was born in Amalfi and I would love to see Italy, in general, it’s such a beautiful country!

If you could fulfil one ambition in your life, what would it be and why?
To live every day at it’s fullest and be happy.