Motorhome Bed Types Explained

There are a surprising variant in the types of bed you can have in your motorhome. With it being such crucial criteria in choosing your perfect motorhome, we have created a simple guide and explanation of every common type of bed.

Twin Single Beds:

The twin single bed is perhaps the most popular and featured most commonly in modern motorhomes. They offer plenty of space due to them being longitudinal and can often be turned in to a double bed through the use of an extra pillow. This versatility is one reason why it is so popular. Having the raised bed also means there is plenty of storage room underneath the beds. Here is a photo of Twin single beds in the 2020 Carthago Chic C-Line I 4.9 LE L Superior. Click the image below to view all twin single bed motorhomes in our stock:

Island Bed:

The island bed is the second most popular bed type. While it is not as versatile as the twin single beds, it does open up the room around the sides of the bed. This means you can walk around and get on and off the bed from the sides. Many island beds are also adjustable, so when the bed is not in use it can be slightly retracted allowing even more space around the sides of the bed. Storage space underneath the island bed is also very common. Photo from the 2020 Carthago Chic C-Line I 5.0 QB L Superior. Click the image to browse all the island bed motorhomes that we have in stock:

Transverse Rear Bed:

The transverse rear bed uses the width of the motorhome for the length of the bed. This has pros and cons. It can be good because it means that there is extra space for everything in front of the bed such as the kitchen, bathroom and lounge. However, it can result in the length of the bed being shorter (depending on the width of the vehicle) in comparison to a longitudinal bed. If you don’t need the extra length of twin single beds then this option might be suitable for you. Pictured below is the 2017 Carthago C-Tourer I 138. Click the image to view all the transverse rear bed motorhomes that we have in stock:

French Bed:

The french bed is one of the more unique and interesting bed layouts. It is commonly paired with a rear corner bathroom as pictured below in the Burstner Lyseo M Harmony Line T 660. It utilises its space effectively by having both the bed and the bathroom pushed right to the corners of the vehicle. Not many motorhomes still use this bed layout, but there are still options for those who are a fan of the style. Click the image below to view all french bed motorhomes in our stock:

Drop-Down Lounge:

Drop-down beds are some of the more modern solutions to saving space while maintaining berths. In the drop-down bed over the lounge, the bed is held above the lounge and can be lowered electronically within seconds. They are easy to use and require little movement of the actual lounge to accommodate the bed. Drop-down beds can be both transverse and longitudinal. Longitudinal beds offer more length but require larger motorhomes. Pictures below are examples of both. left – Burstner Lyseo TD 590 Harmony Line (transverse) and right – Busrtner Ixeo TL 734 (longitudinal).

Drop-Down Cab:

The drop-down cab bed is rarely the only bed in a motorhome. It is usually paired with a bed in the rear of the vehicle. The cab bed can be lowered both manually and electrically depending on the vehicle. It sits right above the driver and passenger seats, keeping it completely out of the way while not in use. They require the front seats to be lowered and provide 2 berths along the width of the vehicle. Pictured below is the drop-down cab bed in the Burstner Ixeo I 744. Click the image to view all motorhomes in our stock with drop-down cab beds.

Drop-Down Rear Lounge:

The rear lounge with the electric drop-down bed is a great option for those who want to maximise their interior space but require 4 berths. Having the electric drop-down bed means that while the motorhome is in use the bed is out of the way. This means that a rear lounge can be added to the layout. The photo below is from the Burstner Ixeo I 744. The extra lounge really does add to the homely feel of the motorhome. It is also great for those travelling as a family with kids. Click the image below to view all motorhomes in our stock with the rear lounge drop-down bed.

Pop-Top Bed:

Pop-top beds or “van roof beds” are common in many camper van models. Due to the compact size of a camper van, a pop-top offers extra berths without compromising the interior space. Pictured below is the pop-top of the Volkswagen California Ocean camper van. While pop-top roofs are common on camper vans they are very rare on motorhomes. We think it would be interesting to see motorhomes try the pop-top. It could add another 2 berths on any motorhome. Is this something you would like to see? Answer the poll at the bottom of this blog! Click the images below to view all our camper vans with a pop-top bed.

Bunk Beds:

Bunk beds provide a unique space-saving solution. They are a fantastic option for those who travel with kids. Having 2 beds take up the same space as 1 allows for other parts of the motorhome to be a bit bigger. Bunk beds are quite rare and most of the larger manufacturers do not currently have models with bunk beds.

Some Unique Bed Layouts:

The murphy bed is a very unique layout where the mattress retracts to the side of the vehicle and can be pulled back down to form the bed. it definitely requires a very wide motorhome to fit one of these in, but we think it is somewhat practical and looks pretty good too!

This “cot” bed is quite similar to a bunk bed. It looks like a fantastic option for travelling with the kids!