Motorhome Essentials: Levelling Systems

There are some bits of equipment that do not come as standard on many motorhomes but are considered essential items. Having these essential products makes travelling in your motorhome a much more enjoyable experience. While they may be considered small improvements, they make a big difference while touring. This blog will go into motorhome levelling systems and why we consider them to be a motorhome essential!

What do levelling systems do?

There are two types of levelling system. The first is the traditional level which is a block that can be put underneath the wheels of your motorhome. This means that your front or back wheels are lifted to match the level of your other wheels. It is a simple solution, they can be transported easily and be used where ever you are in the world to keep your motorhome level while parked on uneven ground. They have high-grip surfaces to ensure that the wheel does not move or slip. In our Accessory Shop, we have a range of Fiamma and Milenco levels. To view them on our Online Accessory Shop Click Here.

Levelling Systems

The other type of levelling system is hydraulic levelling. These come as standard on premium motorhomes such as Concordes and select Carthago’s. There are many benefits to a hydraulic levelling system. They are a lot easier to use and require much less work to get a perfect level. With a traditional level, it can be hard to get it accurate and take a lot of time, whereas a hydraulic level can be activated within minutes. With larger motorhomes such as a Concorde this really is essential and takes out a lot of hassle from your motorhoming experience. Having the wheels fully raised provides extra benefits as well.

Levelling Systems

Why are they a motorhome essential?

There are a number of problems created due to being parked on uneven ground. When parked on uneven ground, the motorhome can shake with strong winds and rock when moving in and out of the vehicle. Water can fail to drain correctly in the shower and sink. Doors open and close if they are left unattended. When sleeping on uneven ground it can feel uncomfortable and make it hard to fall asleep due to being at a slant.

While none of these problems can stop you having fun in your motorhome, they can certainly make the experience less pleasant. Both traditional levels and hydraulic levels can stop all of these problems. That is why we consider them to be a motorhome essential.

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If you have any products in your motorhome that you consider essential, get in touch with us so that we can share it with our motorhoming community.