Motorhome VED Tax Petition

From the 1st of September, there will be significant changes to the taxes that are paid on motorhomes. This blog will try to explain the changes and how it will impact motorhome owners. There is a petition to stop these changes as they will have a negative impact on the motorhome, leisure and tourism industries. View the petition by Clicking Here. The briefing paper for VED Changes for New Motorhomes will be used as a reference, for further information read it by Clicking Here.

The Current State of VED for Motorhomes:

Currently, newly registered motorhomes pay Light Goods Vehicle VED rates of £260/year. This is due to motorhome manufacturers building on existing chassis and therefore cannot provide an emissions figure for that vehicle. Other vehicles have VED rates based on their actual emissions figures and pay from £0 to £2,135 depending on how polluting the vehicle is.

What is Changing to VED?:

From September 1st all Light Goods Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles will have to be subject to stricter requirements and will have to provide an emissions figure. This means that motorhomes will be taxed as a car, for the purpose of VED. As put in the official documentation: “The new requirement for emissions information to be provided on the type approval, will make all motorhomes eligible to be taxed based on their emissions. This could result in much bigger first-year VED bills for the most polluting vehicles.”

However, this only applies to vehicle registrations from that point onwards, and not older vehicles.

Why This Change Should Be Reconsidered:

If this change were to pass, it would have many negative consequences. Firstly, the motorhome industry would see a fall in demand for newer motorhomes. This is bad not only for the industry but because of its environmental impact. Newer, more eco-friendly motorhomes will be subject to the higher VED, while older and more polluting motorhomes will pay significantly less VED. We believe motorhomes would be better classified as commercial vehicles, as they are built on commercial chassis. This amendment is supported by many consumers and those within the industry.

If you believe that this change to the motorhome VED is unjustified, then consider signing this petition by Clicking Here.

We hope this blog was informative for you.

VED Tax Increase - Southdowns Motorhome Centre