Protect Your Investment

In one of our last blogs, we talked about the importance of motorhome security. We got our sales advisors to give you tips and recommendations on how to best keep your motorhome safe. If you missed that blog then Click Here to read it. This week we have decided to look at how to protect your motorhome against natural hazards. Motorhomes can be worth a lot of money, so it is very important to try and keep it from being damaged while you are using it. Damage and wear can easily happen and it can cost time and money to fix. This topic is especially useful as we head into the winter months with more extreme weather conditions. So in this blog, we will be looking at some great products from our accessory shop that will help keep your motorhome in top condition!

Kampa Motorhome Cover:

The Kampa Motorhome Cover is a year-round solution to protecting your motorhome. Its universal fit and design means it can be used on most motorhomes. It comes in at a competitive price but still uses a high-quality material that provides extra protection. While your motorhome is not in use, the Kampa Motorhome Cover offers protection against damaging weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, dust and sun. The outer cover is made of a durable material, whilst the inner layer is non-abrasive so it won’t scratch your vehicle.

For those who don’t use their motorhome for long periods, the cover really is an essential item to protect your vehicle. It helps stop avoidable depreciation due to damage. Even if you are using your motorhome very regularly, it is still important to keep it protected in the case of unexpected weather conditions. Particularly during winter, it is important as harsh weather is more common. To view the Kampa Motorhome Cover on our accessory shop website Click Here.

Thermal Blinds:

For when you are stopping at a place overnight or just for a couple of days, the full cover is obviously not usable. In this case, a thermal blind is more suitable. Thermal blinds can be both external and internal. However, external blinds provide some extra benefits.

The main benefit of a thermal blind is its heating capabilities. During winter it can be very effective at maintaining the temperature of your motorhome. An external blind does have other advantages though. The blind can also protect from UV radiation, dirt, scratches, moisture and frost. The Hindermann external thermal blind uses tough foils and textiles that make the cover very durable. Our accessory shop stocks a range of thermal blinds for motorhomes of various shape and size. Come to our showroom to see how the blinds fit on to a motorhome and view the different options available. Browse our online accessory shop for other protective products by Clicking Here.

We hope that these products will enable you to continue motorhoming well into the winter months. For more information on how to winterise your motorhome, give our accessory shop a call on 02392 674820.