Protecting Your Motorhome Against Theft

At the end of last month, there were multiple motorhome thefts in the UK. In Walkden, three stolen motorhomes were recovered by police after a chance sighting. Officers became aware of a stolen motorhome and ended up finding another two just streets away. Two of them had only been stolen days prior, while one was stolen back in September. In another incident, police officers gave chase after a stolen campervan in Newton Abbot on October the 27th. Luckily in these cases, the vehicles were recovered. However, there have been many more stories like this that have not ended as well. In North Wales, police urged motorhome owners to take more security precautions after announcing that over 30 motorhomes had been stolen in the past 16 months in their area. Hopefully, with the proper security measures in place, we can see the rate of motorhome thefts decrease. If you would like to read more about these stories click the links below:

With a high amount of motorhome thefts in such a short time, we thought it might be important to share some advice about how to keep your motorhome safe. We asked our expert sales advisers for tips to help you stay safe in your motorhome and protect yourself against theft. Here is what they came back with.

Advice from our Sales Advisers:

  • Alarms and trackers are the most simple ways of keeping your motorhome and its contents secure. While it may sound obvious, regularly checking your alarm before going on long journeys is a simple but great way of not being caught out. If your motorhome is stolen then a tracker can be a fantastic resource alongside help from the police. It will allow your vehicle to be easily targeted, allowing it to be recovered quickly. These 2 bits of equipment may be the most obvious on this list, they cannot be forgotten.


  • Wheel clamps and steering wheel lock bars are great ways of securing your motorhome while it is on-site or at home. The Nemesis Wheel Clamp is a heavy-duty clamp that can be used for 10″ – 20″ wheels with tyre widths from 145-245. This incorporates over 99% of motorhomes, making it extremely flexible. It’s constructed using composite metals which makes it extremely resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. And best of all, it is simple to clamp to the wheel. For more information on the Nemesis wheel clamp and to see a video of it in action, Click Here. Steering wheel locks are another security tool that can be used to keep your motorhome safe. Our shop stocks the Milenco High-Security Extra Long Wheel Lock. Not only does it act as an immediate theft deterrent, but it is also approved to the Gold Sold Secure Standard, which means it passed an extreme 300-second professional attack test. If you would like to view the Milenco Steering Wheel Lock then Click Here.

  • Deadlocks can be used as an extra layer of securing to your vehicle’s doors. Highly visible security equipment is very effective as it can deter threats in the first place. This type of security has been recommended by the police. Our accessory shop has HEOSafe deadlocks available instore and online. They cater for vehicles with sliding doors such as Fiat Ducato’s and Peugeot Boxer’s. Browse the HEOSafe deadlock and their other security products by Clicking Here.

  • Whilst in occupation, a simple strap between the front cab doors can keep the motorhome from being entered in the cab.


  • If your alarm goes off in the night do not disarm it straight away. This would unlock the doors and potentially let a threat inside. Instead, re-arm the alarm and investigate the cause.


  • Don’t leave valuable items in plain sight through the windows. While many thieves won’t steal a van, they might break in to steal expensive items. Phones and laptops should always be kept out of view from the outside. The use of a safe is recommended to store valuables while you are away from your motorhome.


Finally, a creative suggestion from one of our Sales Advisers: have a vinyl of your number plate created in a large font and apply it to the roof of your vehicle.

We hope that some of this information can help you ensure the safety of your motorhome. If you would like to view the other security and safety-related products from our shop then Click Here.